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by Chuck D

What more is it to say?/? I ain't just talking about the 'fight' at
the SOURCE awards. That was just the aftermath of a condition that
has been festering for the past 10 years, ever since the corporate
takeover of the culture. Yeah the survey might say CHUCK D is a
madman who might be bitter yeah whatever, but the facts are
glaringly obvious. Coon-ism is dominant when it comes to the
representation of black people in the new millennium; 2000 across
the MF-k'n board. I've seen a race of people reduced to mere
reflections of highly financed and projected-like missiles from these
same companies who fill themselves up with the idea of ' it's just
urban marketing.' I look at television telling lies to my vision, the
stations UPN (united plantation of niggers) and the We Buffoon
network who will only blow a black face up that will make you laugh
and make white society comfortable. I'm tired of hearing how
successful this black person is or labeling him/her a 'genius' just
because they're continuously hilarious or ' triple-doubled'
themselves to represent black people in predominately white-walled
boardrooms. Yes Amerikkka has finally frankensteined a morphing of
what/who were previously categorized as black folk into a new race;

The NIGGRO is rewarded by ignorance=8A an inner world within a country
that has found the right formula for pimping the so-called culture
and twisting its history. The NIGGRO cannot show intelligence in
public, even to other NIGGROES. If a NIGGRO has a degree, they're
known to conceal and not reveal their intelligence 'dumbing
themselves down' because they think regular black folks ain't feelin
it. The NIGGRO accepts almost anything that is approved by white
society. Anything that thrusts itself into 'bling-bling' millionaire
status, even if the credibility of black folk is flushed down the
token toilet. The NIGGRO is lauded in VIBE and the SOURCE for its
thug spirit, thus confusing it with rebellion and accepting illogic
as an oath amongst young cats just to 'stay in touch' or appear to be
down. The NIGGRO follows the mentality of a 13-year-old to appear to
be hip, instead of boldly leading the path for young cats to follow.
The NIGGRO twists information, saying dumb things like "fuck it, I
ain't readin no newspapers cause they be lyin an shit," yet will wish
for the day when old school hip hop informed them and go no further
than that. The NIGGRO will rally if it comes riding on a popular
trendy wave=8A but will contradict themselves with the next trendy
wave. The NIGGRO journalists claim they love music but know little
about its history, get a token writing job and accept most negative
things taking place in the music because of its popularity.

There are NIGGRO rappers, singers, athletes, comedians, radio jocks,
actors and reactors, executives, writers and tons of employees
sucking the corporate dicks just to pay the bills, most times at
black folk's expense. The NIGGRO accepts 'nigger ways' confusing it
with the soul root of black people, just so they'll appear down and
not feel guilty. The NIGGRO allows themselves to stay culturally
screwed in the most 'negroic way' and stay silent in the face of shit
going down. Some white folks or other cultures with little knowledge
or respect for 'black legacy' will side with a NIGGRO because a
NIGGRO won't ever make them feel uncomfortable about the issue of
race. The NIGGRO asks the questions about black on black violence
while silently contributing to some of the causes, and turning their
brain off while knowing the answers. The NIGGRO SHOWS OFF THEIR
REWARDS FOR IGNORANCE to black folks and, foolishly, to everyone else
while buck-dancing and out-cooning the next cat to get money to keep
their created-accepted status afloat. The NIGGRO allows a white
friend or partner to use the word 'nigger' like water, allowing to be
called or even enveloping that same friend with the term. The NIGGRO
will threaten to kill you, while never killing the 'nigger' in
themselves. The NIGGRO refuses any connection to AFRICA or the
Diaspora. The NIGGRO is satisfied easily as if it's 'white
supremacy's pit-bull'. The NIGGRO will turn on you but never on its
Amerikkkan master. The NIGGRO is the government's biggest COINTELPRO
weapon ever=8A mutating our gifts in music, art, athletics and sex
against us toward extinction.

In 1990 I wrote "WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME" depicting the following
10 years as a COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, determining our place at the
base of the 21st century. The 3 categories NEGRO, NIGGER and now
NIGGRO are increasingly filling out the characteristics in BLACK
PEOPLE. A people lacking the basic skills to build societies in
2000+, a living panoramic genocidal flick for the world's
entertainment pleasure. The new human zoo creatures for the digital
age, the victims of the new slavery. A matrix of mental, and
spiritual, brain-gates and bars over our minds.

I state this because I'm weary of hearing how important hip hop is
when it's a bi-product of the people. Respect for the people should
be paramount, instead it's being pied-pipered by THE HEAD NIGROES IN
SELLOUT CHARGE. Smilin, stylin, profilin white-lipped on their
master's dicks for the bling day. Major owned hip hop is now about as
packaged as KRAFT CHEESE with some suited asshole waiting for the
results from the registers. Rap music is contorted to satisfy it's
contractual agreements, backin its ass up into soundscam, while the
masses of BLACK PEOPLE who struggle against the one sided RACIST,
=46ACIST reign are forced to be subject to this MILLION MONKEY MARCH IN
REVERSE. It's hard for me to support an 85% white teenage audience
screamin 'smoke that nigger' and call it the shit. Or maybe it is.
Pop music and killin a nigger in Amerikkka has forever been popular
here. Rap music and hip hop is still a viable format for total
balanced representation. That's why I support thousands of
uncorrupted artists on the web. Last week I applauded REV. AL
SHARPTON and others for the REDEEM THE DREAM MARCH in DC in the
stance against police brutality and racial profiling. Now who the
hell's gonna attack the genocide of mass mental brutality and racial
brainwashing thru images, which results in a growing adversarial
relationship between us and us.

I don't want this to be read as too psycho-deep for anyone, cause
really I can say FUCK IT and KISS MY ASS too. But in this Terrordome
vent, I'm co-signing this wit an attitude, but an attitude well
taken. And it's a lame excuse not to read into this because of the
so-called DIGITAL DIVIDE widening every second, with the NIGGRO
CULTURAL DAM allowing the DIGITAL DITCHES and the picking of
ELECTRONIC COTTON to be dug and picked off with the soul, history and
legacy of the LATE GREAT BLACK RACE clap your hands to the NIGGRO.


AUGUST 30 2000