The Akron Summit is a coalition of concerned citizens for the purpose of developing strategies for the development and maintenance of the Akron community. The first Summit was held September 16-18 2016. We met to review and discuss the strategies for implementing the Akron Commission on Civil Disorder Report (1969) recommendations. The overarching goal of The Akron Summit is to identify and implement strategies for growth and development (The Agenda - based on the conclusions & recommendations in the 1969 Akron Commission on Civil Disorder Report). The Agenda serves as a central set of strategies to organize and hold elected officials, community leaders, organizations, and individuals accountable.

Highlights from the Summit...


A luta continua (the struggle continues)!!

What's next & Updates 


"Walk away" strategies:

(1) Identify schools to visit and review School Improvement Plan (SIP)

(2) Identify community organizations who are implementing (or willing to commit to) the 1969 recommendations.



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