National Coalition for African Centered Rites of Passage

The CACRoP is a growing community of practitioners, facilitators, scholars,  parents, and activist committed to the advocation, study, development, and practice of an African-centered rites of passage process.  The coalition is open to anyone who advocates for African-centered rites of passage as the fundamental process by which an authentic African sense of self is developed.

Ten Basic Assumptions of African Centered Rites of Passage (adopted in part from Dr. Anthony Mensah):

  1. The Creator does not create for failure.
  2. All humans are one with the Cosmos (the Creator and creation).
  3. Every person has the capacity to succeed.
  4. We are born with a driving intent to express the capacity to succeed.
  5. When the intent of the Creator is not met with appropriate content, a person’s potential for success is ruined.
  6. Inappropriate content brings reaction, and not intellectual growth, and the child’s ability to interact (use his or her intelligence) falls increasingly behind.  Thus, the further one’s intelligence falls behind, the more energy must go into compensation.
  7. With the infusion of inappropriate content, the young person’s intelligence is still out there in the previous passage, trying to make functional [sense] the intent of the Creator.
  8. He who does not cultivate his field will die of hunger.
  9. Rites of Passage in the child’s education provides a meaningful response to the intent.  The success of the Creator’s plan hinges directly on the person (infant, child, adolescent, or adult) being provided with content proper for the intent of that person.
  10. All persons who experience this type of education will benefit from it.

Resources by Dr. Lathardus Goggins II:

Dr. Lathardus Goggins II
Workshops by Dr. Lathardus Goggins II

Academic STARS Retention Model: An Empirical Investigation 
The effectiveness of African-centered Rites of Passage to transition first year college students.

Works citing African Centered Rites of Passage and Education

Works citing Bringing the Light Into a New Day: African-centered Rites of Passage

Bringing the Light Into A New Day: African Centered Rites of Passage African Centered rites of passage and education


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More books on African-centered rites of passage can be found at

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Learn to:

  1. Produce/provide food ... Garden, Fish, Hunt, ( and prepare a meal)
  2. "Work the hands" ... Martial Arts (hand to hand and weapons) & Trade Skills (be able to build/fix "something")
  3. Effectively manipulate the political system in which you find yourself (i.e. that operates in your community).
  4. Survive "the encounter"
  5. Strategize to express the authentic self through one's unique genius.



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