Black Star Classics

Black Star Classics

is a series devoted to republishing significant work that form "foundational wisdom"
and promote/advocate for social justice, authentic self, and expand and restore African-centered cultural memory. ...


Martin Luther King Jr. Mini Biography Book - This mini book is appropriate for primary school students (Pre-K - 3rd Grade). It highlights Martin L. King Jr.'s education, his envolvement in the bus boycott, his travels to India and Africa, 1963, 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, and the Drum Major for Justice speech. This is a free download .

Sun Tzu Art of War

The Art of War (孫子兵法) is based on Sun Tzu experiences and philosophies. It has been considered a masterpiece on strategy and widely distributed as early as 206 BCE. The Art of War is not only “required” reading for military theorists, but has also become popular amongst business executives and politicians. The Art of War addresses strategy, planning, and struggle in a broad fashion, by addressing public administration, diplomacy, and assessment. Sun Tzu also emphasizes the importance of knowledge and its use (wisdom) and healthy relationships.

Paperback - $5.95
eBook - $1.99