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Akron African [American] Community

(The Village)

The baobab tree is an essential part of African culture – a symbol of strength, wisdom, health, long life and beauty.   It is a sacred link to the past, and is sometimes associated with the beginning of creation.   It can provide shelter, clothing, food, and water for the animal and human inhabitants of the African regions.  There are many legends about how the tree came into being. The story always comes back to the unique circumstances of the tree, and its willingness to give so generously to the African peoples.



Brief Overview

Over the past few years a group of Elders and Nation Builders have been working to implement a conceptual framework to establish an African-centered village for the Greater Akron area.

We believe that the Village is the manifestation of a system of values and ideas that support individuals and families around a core agreement. In our framework, we see those systems primarily focused around Family preservation, value systems (spiritual code of conduct), socialization of youth, political awareness, spiritual development, cultural offensive, community empowerment, economic empowerment and wellness. These represent the ideas that are at the core of the village concerns, conversations, and actions. However, while values and ideas become the nucleus around which village is structured, these values and ideas must be put into practice.

African Village Framework

The Akron African/American Village framework model represents our thoughts regarding what a village looks like and how it operates in Akron Ohio amongst those of us committed to African-centered thought and way of life. The purpose of this framework is to provide guidance towards a more authentic way of engaging each other, building institutions, developing community, and passing on heritage to the next generation.

Akron African American Village Information