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Manning Marable's 'Reinvention' Of Malcolm X

Malcolm X: Research Site

The Malcolm X Project at Columbia University

Malcolm X Biography

Malcolm X (1925–1965):
World History Archives

Malcolm X at Democracy Now!

Malcolm X: Make It Plain
Teaching a People's History
Zinn Education Project

Malcolm X: “Message to the Grass Roots” (Nov. 10, 1963) read by Mos Def

"Our Shining Black Prince": A Eulogy Delivered by Ossie Davis at the Funeral of Malcolm X, Faith Temple Church of God, 27 February 1965

 NPR - The 1A: The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X

The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X (Full Episode) - Presented entirely through speeches, newscasts, and rarely seen archival footage, The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X tells the story of the man who, by any means necessary, willingly put his life at risk to bring change and equality to Black America... Smithsonian Channel



Malcolm X Make It Plain