African Centered Rites of Passage: 101


The Basics:

What is the rites of passage porcess?

What does African-centered mean?

What are Akan Spiritual Day Names?

2003 - Lathardus Goggins II guest lecturing to a Kent State University
Psychology class on the rites of passage process (51 mins).

2000 - Sit Down with Norma Downs - An interview with Lathardus Goggins II discussing the African Centered Rites of Passage process (13 mins).


1998 - Canton Urban League's Insight Radio Program - An Interview with
Lathardus Goggins II discussing the basics of an African Centered
Rites of Passage process (15 mins).

Interviews with/Lectures from Elders & Scholars:

Therman Evans, MD, PhD, a physician, ordained minister, entrepreneur and chief of a village in Ghana, West Africa, is uniquely qualified to help people use their spirit, mind and body. Known as "Mr. Inspiration", Dr. Evans is the founder and CEO of WholeLife Associates, Inc. Philadelphia, PA and the Pastor of Morning Star Community Tabernacle, Linden, New Jersey.

This is a presentation given to the Ohio Commission on African American Males in 1992. Dr. Evans is discussing the "Rhythm of the Universe"


Ronald Johnson. At a conference on fathers, families and communities, Mr. Johnson spoke about his work with teenage fathers in Los Angeles since 1985. He emphasized that young men need to learn how to serve society as men before they become fathers. He also noted that what they learn from society about manhood needs to be unlearned and replaced with more positive views of what it means to be a man in relation to the community, women and children.

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How rites of passage can transform:

Goggins II, L. (2004, Feb.). The Academic STARS Retention Model: An Empirical Investigation.


Goggins II, L. (2012). Excerpt from Bringing the Light Into a New Day: African-centered Rites of Passage Chapter 3 - The Transformative Power of African-centered Rites of Passage.

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