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School systems from across the United States have increasingly come under public scrutiny. Frustration with schools, especially the inner city districts, not adequately preparing youth to cross the bridge to the 21st century, has lead to debates about funding practices, teacher accountability, parental involvement and paradigm shifts. Also, concerns about the level of violence in schools, teen pregnancy, drugs, and other distractions have been apart of the public discussion on; How do we better educate our youth? In African-centered Rites of Passage and Education, Dr. LathardusGoggins II makes a compelling argument for African centered rites of passage as a factor for positive academic success. Dr. Goggins examines the relationship between socialization and the learning process. His analysis is drawn from an extensive literature review of noted scholars and narratives from people involved in the rites process. Dr. Goggins frames his discussion with the following questions: 1.How is sense of self dealt within rites of passage, and specifically within African-centered Rites of Passage?; 2. What is the theory regarding the construction of self and its relationship to the educative experience?; 3. What are the operating assumptions about "educating" African Americans?; and 4. In what ways does the rites of passage process influence the educative experience? He answers each respectively in chapters 1. Rites of Passage, 2. Sense of Self and Education, 3. Schooling African Americans, and 4. Academic Implications of African-centered Rites of Passage. Dr. Goggins provides an in-depth discussion on the educative process, formation of purpose and discipline, and the tragedy of parental and community noninvolvement in educating African American students. He concludes that regardless of funding, teachers, and the latent values in the surrounding environment, African American students can obtain positive academic success.

Early 2024

Bringing the Light Into a New Day: African-centered Rites of Passage

Light is a metaphor for opportunity, hope and wisdom.  Our light is our heritage, a dynamic interaction of the past and future to create new solutions for our present.  If we do not bring this light into the new day, then we doom ourselves to be cast in the faint light of others’ interpretations of “our” capabilities.  African-American families and communities must bring the light into the new day, so our children can see their unique genius.  How to bring this light?  African-centered Rites of Passage!


Foundation African-centered Education

Foundation: African-centered Education

Referencing David Walker, W.E.B.DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Steve Biko, and others, Lathardus Goggins II articulates a clear concise rationale and justification for the practice of African-centered education in current American educational context. From which, Dr. Goggins identifies standards to be used to assess the quality of an African-centered education practice.


Bringing The Light Into A New Day

365 Black Nuggets: Wisdom for Each Day of the Year 

365 Black Nuggets: Wisdom for Each Day of the Year is a collection of quotes, proverbs, and sayings that represent a very small sample of the collective wisdom within the African experience. This book is meant to help the reader to become aware of and connect to the wisdom forged in the African experience, a wisdom and experience often overlooked, undervalued, or assumed not to exist. 365 Black Nuggets: Wisdom for Each Day of the Year is organized by month and date. Each day has a specific "nugget" of wisdom - each is an opportunity to reflect on a thought/idea/value rooted in African cultural heritage. 365 Black Nuggets of Wisdom has several of the "best" known quotations and many other powerful words. You will be moved to reflect, act, and grow. Whether you are looking for the perfect quote or wanting a thought of the day you have more than 365 quotes, sayings, and proverbs.


Martin L. King Jr. Mini Bio


Martin Luther King Jr. Mini Biography Book

This mini book is appropriate for primary school students (Pre-K - 3rd Grade). It highlights Martin L. King Jr.'s education, his envolvement in the bus boycott, his travels to India and Africa, 1963, 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, and the Drum Major for Justice speech. This is a free download.

Art of War Sun Tzu

The Art of War (孫子兵法)

Based on Sun Tzu experiences and philosophies. It has been considered a masterpiece on strategy and widely distributed as early as 206 BCE. The Art of War is not only “required” reading for military theorists, but has also become popular amongst business executives and politicians. The Art of War addresses strategy, planning, and struggle in a broad fashion, by addressing public administration, diplomacy, and assessment. Sun Tzu also emphasizes the importance of knowledge and its use (wisdom) and healthy relationships.