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Baby Girl's Sickle Cell Resource Page

50 Million Pound Challenge

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Afrosoul.netBooks, Music & MoreAfrocentration Game Be ConcsiousReparations

Black Facts Now! for history facts that on this date!

Free The Slaves

Peas in their pods



Socially Good TV

Liberation Radio

Better Black TV


A list of African American Newspapers


Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr.

Say it Plain: A Century of Great African American Speeches

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Obama Hip-Hop:
From Mixtapes To Mainstream

Rapper Young Jeezy and professor Mark Anthony Neal discuss the impact of Barack Obama on hip-hop.afrocentric more

Black Masculinity: Dueling Images Of Power ... Afrocentric  Black Masculinity

"Barack and Curtis" on YouTube

Redefining What It Means to Be
Black in America

Critics have long decried the "hip-hop" image of pimps, thugs and criminals that seems to define black cultural images in the media. A new poll of black attitudes suggests a growing number of black Americans agree.

The poll finds that a growing number of black Americans think it's no longer appropriate to think of black people as a single race. more

African-American Images: The New Doll Test

Economic Mobility in Black and White

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